We are thrilled to announce that the sixth annual Sci-athon competition will be from Thursday, June 6th – Friday, June 7th! Mark your calendars and use this link to sign up! This year’s event will be held in Murray Hall on UNC-CH’s Campus and the theme will be: EcoMetropolosis: Building Tomorrow’s Resilient Cities.

We are thrilled to announce that the sixth annual Sci-athon competition will be from Thursday, June 6th - Friday, June 7th! Mark your calendars and use this link ( or the QR code on the attached flyer to fill out our interest form so that you can stay up to date as the event approaches! You may be wondering, what is Sci-athon? Sci-athon is a collaborative event designed to harness diverse scientific backgrounds toward solving global issues in science. Participants from universities in the local triangle area are grouped with other scientists and tasked with leveraging their collective expertise to propose innovative solutions to worldwide challenges. Groups work together to present their proposal to a panel of judges who choose the best ideas to win prizes! This year's event will be held in Murray Hall on UNC-CH's Campus and the theme will be, "EcoMetropolosis: Building Tomorrow's Resilient Cities". Sci-athon is a great opportunity to meet new people across the local area, see your science in a new context, gain experience working on multidisciplinary teams, and win prizes! Graduate students at any stage can participate, with no proposal writing experience required! Additionally, graduate students who have participated previously can apply to be a team leader! We hope to see you in June!Details

  • Over a period of two days, you and a team of multi-disciplinary scientists will work collaboratively to come up with the next big idea in chemistry. You can focus on a particular application or propose an idea to shift the paradigm – it is up to you! As long as you can relate it back to the theme, there are no ideas too big or too small.
  • We know that graduate students and postdoctoral fellows have very busy schedules – and we know how hard it is to stay out of the lab all day. The event will therefore require only a few hours of formal programming each day. The remainder of the time will be dependent on your team’s scheduling.
  • There are also $300 worth of cash prizes available to the winning team, lots of free food, and opportunities to network with our panel of industry judges!

Why Sciathon?

We know what you’re thinking – your work is hard enough, why take on another project?

  • Sciathon is about flexing your creative muscles, working with a team, and packaging an idea succinctly for an academic and entrepreneurial audience.
  • It is about getting outside of the research laboratory and imagining what you could do if you had no limits.
  • It’s about making friends, learning about other chemical disciplines, and bragging rights (not to mention winning some cool prizes!).
  • It is also a great opportunity to gain experience in collaboration and leadership (which you can put on your resume!).

Graduate students and postdoctoral fellows spend years in their positions – spend these three days having fun and gaining valuable skills that you can put on your resume!